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We believe that a clear, flexible and holistic process is the best foundation for a successful endeavor.

We know that one approach does not fit every project, company culture or desired outcome. It is for this reason that JenEd is a boutique process design, facilitation and strategy agency.

We believe in the value of tailoring our work to your needs. Therefore, we build custom processes and specific teams of consultants, for each project. Additionally, we can function as a stand-alone contractor, working with your team or company, OR we can serve specific aspects of a contract, collaborating with other firms on projects for their clients.

JenEd designs collaborative processes with our clients that always begin with listening. While many of our clients sit in the arts and culture sector, these processes translate beautifully to every industry. 

*For nerds like us, who are interested in the origins of our approach, we draw wisdom from the following models:

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Spiral Learning Theory

  • Design Thinking / Human Centered Design

  • Organizational Design

  • Organizational Development

  • Convergence Theory

  • Ontology, Ashtanga Yoga principles and contemplative practice, and the work of Bell Hooks and Paulo Freire

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"[Jennifer Edwards] sees through to the heart of what is incentivizing people — regardless of what they might say to her as a consultant. She also has integrity around how something gets done, not just what ideas get selected.”

— Vice President of a disability + tech + design company, New York / San Francisco


Jennifer Edwards


Jennifer Edwards is a creative, a holistic process designer and an entrepreneur focussed on how good work gets done and how healthy, successful projects / businesses / programs are made. She is passionate about the intersections of the future of work, the future of learning, and the future of living, as they pertain to and engage with the larger social and economic ecosystems at play and in flux.

With nearly twenty years of group facilitation and mediation experience, Jennifer knows how to build and structure highly functional and diverse teams. She is a student of human relationships, communication and behavior. Paired with eight years of organizational development and change management consulting experience, she possesses the ability to take her knowledge of interpersonal dynamics and translate that into structures and systems to support both people and the work.  

Jennifer believes in deep, focussed work. Having trained as a dancer throughout her childhood and in college, she built a collective dance / theater company in New York City. She then launched a solo spoken word career and toured throughout the US, to Europe, and to China in her 20s - early 30s, garnering critical acclaim, some awards and invitations to teach and speak along the way. In other words, she knows what it is like to sleep, eat, and breathe your dreams.

Jennifer also knows what it takes to keep the hustle going and turn dreams into reality, through intuitive and calculated decisions. When her interests shifted from ‘woman preaching to the choir’ to ‘woman working to shift culture’ - she went back to school to study organizational development and change management. Over the last ten years, she has built two consulting practices, an App, a large community building & storytelling initiative, and several courses in entrepreneurial practice. Currently her creative work takes many forms, one of which is what she hopes to help you create.

*For those interested in the what and where, find Jennifer’s CV here.


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