Process Design. Facilitation.

Process DesigN. Facilitation.

JenEd provides the empathetic and structural layers of process design, facilitation, and strategy. We design flexible, forward-thinking processes that serve your ideas, the work you are doing, and the culture you want to create.

We work on large systemic change processes, in innovation spaces, and on education and learning initiatives across sectors. 

Our innovative approach to team building, organizational design, and project strategy will move you and your team from an idea through implementation and to the launch of your venture.


“your work sits in that scary space between idea and implementation. it’s vitally important.”

Polymer Science Consultant, Philadelphia, PA


We have Worked With

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“your work is like therapy for organizations”

CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency, New York, NY 


The building blocks of
our process:


Listen: deep-dive discovery

Good work begins with deep listening and full transparency. We acknowledge that these conversations can be difficult — so we provide mechanisms and hold space for vulnerability. The process we co-create is respectful, generative, and clear. We listen to you, your stakeholders, competitors, partners. We listen to what is said and listen for what is not.


Strategize: Building Teams, Messaging, And capacities

At this phase, the hidden becomes visible and strategy moves to the fore. We pivot from internal ideation, dreaming and planning to putting a plan into motion with your team, making all necessary internal adjustments, decisions, and restructuring to execute the next phase.

define & Craft: Process MapPing And Building Structures

A plan without a vision is hard to imagine, and harder still to get excited about enacting. As we define, refine and plot the course for your project, we make sure to infuse the process with equity, assessment, and a little bit of magic. Once the project is defined, we plot the course, craft our collaborative approach, and build practices, structures, and systems that serve the various tasks at hand.


Implement: Move Plans And Structures into Practice

You’ve done the deep work, learning, and planning. Now it’s time to hit the road. Your [public] journey starts here. We are with you for as long as you need us, gently stepping further away as you fly forward. Success for us is working ourselves out of a job - as you take the reins completely and throw us a peace sign.



Our practice is collaborative, creative, compassionate, and equitable, and integrates human-driven communication into the future of work. We have specific practice and interests in spaces where multiple disciplines intersect.


Meet our founder

Jennifer Edwards, CEO is driven by one core question: how does one change the world? She is a process designer, facilitator, writer, and multifaceted creative - focused on finding structured solutions to complex problems. Her work and advice to business professionals has been featured in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and Forbes.

Her passions center around questions of learning, communication, the future of work, and humanizing systems.

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Let's Work Together

JenEd will not provide a ‘boxed system’ – We provide boutique, customized, collaborative approaches to strengthening the functional culture of your working group.

If you're part of a company, team, incubator or innovation lab — any group that acknowledges that to do your best, you have to honor all of the parts of the whole -  drop us a line. JenEd will help you do better.